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What is Kallie & Co? We are definitely a footwear company, but we are actually more than that. Our company does not only strive to provide comfortable and stylish shoes. At Kallie & Co.,, we believe in the importance of delivering cruelty-free, and ethical products to our customers. Part of our mission is to empower other women with our brand by sharing stories of women of strength, by making shoe donations to women in need. We will encourage and motivate you in our social media channels too! Make sure to stop by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest and find us. Username @kallieusa

Where are your shoes made?  Our shoes are handcrafted in Mexico by talented artisans. Our team members work under safe and healthy conditions. They are treated with respect and dignity.

What does cruelty-free/vegan/ethical brand mean? Cruelty-free & vegan mean that no animals were harmed in the manufacturing of our products. None of the materials we use come from animals. To our team, ethical means doing what is right; not only for the environment but also in the treatment of our team.

 How much is shipping? As of January 2020 shipping is FREE + FREE Exchanges.

 How long does shipping & delivery take? Delivery time can take anywhere between 3-7 business days. 

 Do you accept back-orders? We do! Back-orders normally take 21-30 days for delivery. 

Can I order wholesale amounts? We are now taking wholesale orders, please visit our Wholesale Faire Page kallieusa.faire.com

 Do you offer discounts? Yes, yes yes! Make sure you become a subscriber and receive an instant coupon discount! 

 Do you ship internationally? Yes. International shipping starts at $14.99.

 Do you offer custom sizes? We sure do! For custom size requests, please e-mail us at hello@kallieusa.com