Avoid all the internet drama & negativity- just click *HERE*

Avoid all the internet drama & negativity- just click *HERE*

Hasta la vista

If you are like me, you are probably exposed to a variety of negativity when you open your social media sites. I am not referring to the unfortunate situations happening in countries such as Syria by the way, but I am referring to the negative posts you often see, but you wish you could avoid. For example, the negativity surrounding political elections, insensitive and rude comments, video music awards happenings on live TV, the excessive selfies you see over and over again. You know what I am talking about right? Good!

Anyway, it wasn’t too long ago when I made a promise to myself- AVOID NEGATIVITY & DRAMA ON SOCIAL MEDIA. What did I do? I unfollowed many pages & many people, and I filled my newsfeed with positive pages and stories. The result: a happier and less stressed ME! Yes friends, I am happy to report these news pages have been a big help on staying positive during the day while acknowledging the challenges our society and humanity faces. In fact, my meditation sessions are more effective and successful because I no longer focus on those negative articles/posts. Because sharing is caring, I am sharing with you these six websites that I hope will make a positive impact on your everyday life.

theSkimm- Daily e-mail newsletter with some humor! HooplaHa- You WILL smile. Good News Network- need to say more? Huffpost Good News- Three words: cute, funny, inspirational. KarmaTube- “Dedicated to bring inspirational stories.” http://www.karmatube.org Good Life Zen- Want less stress? Stop by and take a look. http://goodlifezen.com My hope is that you find yourself less stressed, happier, and less frustrated when you get on social media or deal with challenges on your daily life. Believe me, it’s worth unfollowing those negative sites and people. xx -N