A Military Spouse at the Inc. 500I5000 Conference

A Military Spouse at the Inc. 500I5000 Conference

A Military Spouse at the Inc. 500I5000 Conference

Before I get started, did you know that there are only 66 days left in 2015? Yes! 66 more days, and we’ll be celebrating a new year. Are you ready? While I am a little nervous about what the new year will bring, I am more than ready to say YES to every single one of my crazy and exciting goals! I call this the Inc. 500I5000 Conference effect. Let me share something with you…I had the honor of attending the Inc.

500I5000 Conference in Orlando, FL, and it was an extraordinary experience. I was member of the Military Entrepreneur Program, the majority of the members were U.S veterans, and some of us were military spouses. We had VIP speakers just for the military entrepreneur program who gave us amazing advice and words of wisdom. We also had front row VIP seats. Here are some of the successful, inspiring and motivating people I met. Mr. Norm Brodsky, he’s a Street Smarts columnist and senior contributing editor. What an incredible man! I invite you to follow his work by visiting this link.    

Mr. Brodsky shared his story of success and the lessons he learned while starting several companies. Dan Price from Gravity Payments was our first guest speaker. Dan Price made $70K the minimum pay at his company, his story was circulating all over social media for a while. He’s got an incredible story to share! Marcus Lemonis from the TV show The Profit was also one of the speakers; his words and message were beyond powerful. Jay Jay French from Twisted Sister talked to us about perseverance and the will to succeed, the band’s story is a living testimony of persistence and never giving up.

Daniel Lubetzky a fellow Mexican American businessman shared his humble beginnings about KIND snacks, and the powerful message he carries with his company. Let me tell you guys something, my heart is FULL, full of energy and ready to start another year. I learned so much during those two days at the conference, and some other things were reminders that I needed to hear. Here are some of those reminders…

#1. You don’t need anyone’s permission to achieve your goals.

#2. Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey, and it’s OK…More than OK.

#3. The world doesn’t owe you a thing. You want something? Go get it, make it happen.

#4. Sometimes you have to let go, so you can continue moving forward.

#5. Sacrifices are part of your journey to success, but so are rewards :D

#6. Success won’t happen overnight; it will take years to see yourself at the top.

#7. Welcome those challenges, embrace them and defy them.

#8. Not everyone will believe in you, and that's OK too. Many will walk away, and that's perfectly fine. Not everyone will understand what you are doing, and they don't have to join you in this journey. The sooner you come to terms with that; the easier it will be to achieve those goals. It was an absolutely honor to have three mentoring sessions with what I call angels sent from heaven, but they are also known as mentors.

These men are successful business owners, and their words and suggestions felt so right and uplifting. Lastly, I would like to say thank you so very much to Natalie Thomas from the McNeese Thomas Group for helping make the Inc. Military Entrepreneur Program a reality for many of us. You did a fantastic job, so very honored to have met you. Thank you to INC for the extraordinary experience. Mr. Norm Brodsky and his wife, thank you as well for your words and mentorship; we know this program wouldn’t be possible without you two. It is my sincere hope that at some point you experience something like my Inc. 500I5000 Conference effect. A moment of reflection, or taking risks, guidance, and what I like to call my “I’ve so got this moment.”

Founder & CEO of KIND Snacks.

Founder & CEO of KIND Snacks.

Dan Price, Founder & CEO of Gravity Payments.

Dan Price, Founder & CEO of Gravity Payments.[/caption] IMG_9778 IMG_9762


Make it a great week, XX -N